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By Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions on September 22, 2021
knowledge platform

Discover our KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM that we have created specifically to enable much easier sharing of all the valuable knowledge about technical insulation. It was created for insulation professionals that plan and install our products in real projects, with love for the insulation business and a belief that sharing knowledge makes it stronger, more efficient and more competitive.

At Knauf Insulation Technical Solutions, we produce energetically and structurally optimised insulation products, solutions and systems for the industry, HVAC and shipbuilding. As a result, we can offer the right product for every application – with the best possible combination of energy efficiency, fire protection and noise reduction. Furthermore, we understand that only by offering the best possible support to professionals that use our solutions, we can maximise their performance together.

“With our glass and rock mineral wool insulation materials, you can reduce energy costs by up to 95%, but to do so, you must know what solutions to choose and how to properly install the insulation.”

The online KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM can be accessed from all around the world and is simple to update with the relevant content. Our experts will make sure to continuously contribute new content and include topics that interest you the most.

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From experts for experts!

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“The Exper-team platform and learning videos cover general topics and specific challenges that specifiers and installers come across. If you are searching for a specific information or want us to cover a topic that you are interested in, reach out and we will be happy to help.”

Laura Raggi, Specification Manager Technical Solutions for Italy, Iberia, UK and Ireland.


The Exper-team Webinars section is always growing and covers everything from general topics such as the importance of insulating, BIM, Exper-teK, ECOSE® Technology and ASTM to local topics like energy efficiency regulations in different countries.


Designed to be practical and helpful

On our KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM, you will be able to find many practical solutions and quickly access information.

One of them is the VIDEO LIBRARY. How-to videos are the simplest and fastest solution to many daily challenges and the insulation business is no different. In the library, you will find videos with practical information on our products, proper installation, the production process and ECOSE® Technology that is becoming increasingly popular in the field of Technical Insulation due to environmental challenges and its exceptional performance.

With the aspiration to offer  the best support possible, we have developed several practical tools that help insulation professionals manage their projects more efficiently and faster, making the most of the performance that our products offer.

On the platform, you will find Exper-teK, the intuitive and easy-to-use heat loss and energy costs calculator. It helps you obtain information in just five steps and achieve reliable results based on VDI-certified calculation methods.

You will also be able to find BIM objects for the Thermo-teK (HVAC insulation) and                Fire-teK® (fire protection for air ducts) product ranges, and if you are not sure how to use them, there are how-to videos available that will help get you started in no time.

Another fast and easy to use tool you can find on KNOWLEDGE PLATFORM is the Thermal conductivity calculator for our products that will make your calculations efficient as never before.

Join the Exper-team and get front row access to practical knowledge about Technical Insulation.